3 Moneysaving Tips for Cost-Conscious Smart Phone Owners

It’s no secret that smart phone ownership can be pricey. In addition to the hefty price tags found on the phones themselves, service plans, accessories and apps stand to cost you a pretty penny. However, this doesn’t mean consumers have to resign themselves to spending exorbitant sums on smart phones. Provided you’re armed with the proper knowledge, smart ownership is affordable on virtually any budget. Cost-conscious consumers interested in reducing phone costs are urged to heed the following pointers.

1. Buy Older Models

Although people line up in droves to purchase annual upgrades of popular phones, newer doesn’t always necessarily mean better. In fact, in recent years, the changes present in so-called “upgrades” are negligible to the vast majority of people purchasing them. Fortunately, the release of superfluous upgrades often results in massive price-cuts on older models, so if you’re not obsessed with owning the most recent version of a certain phone, buying an “outdated” model can serve as a boon to your personal finances.

2. Unlock Your Phone

Many popular smart phones are plagued by manufacturer-imposed restrictions. This generally means that service provider and app options are limited, much to the chagrin of consumers who appreciate variety. If you want to enjoy your smart phone in all its restriction-free glory, simply have the device unlocked. After all, the phone belongs to you, and there’s no reason you should be roped into pricey service plans or have limits placed on which apps you’re able to use. Even difficult to unlock Apple phones can be purged of manufacturer restrictions by knowledgeable companies like Unlock Network. As an added bonus, unlocking your phone will enable you to fetch a higher price for the device if you ever decide to sell it.

3. Purchase Third Party Accessories

Buying first-party phone accessories stands to put a sizable dent in your wallet. For proof, walk into any Apple and have a look at the price tags on the phone cases, screen protectors and ear buds. In addition to fulfilling the exact same function as their name-brand counterparts, third party smart phone accessories are considerably less expensive and every bit as reliable.

For many people, a smart phone is an absolute necessity. As such, many consumers believe they have no choice but to pay outlandish costs for smart phone service and accessories. Fortunately, putting the previously-discussed tips to good use can dramatically reduce the cumbersome expenses associated with phone ownership.