Negative Impact of Technology

 Technology is evolving so rapidly have a positive impact that benefits humans. But behind the positive impacts, negative impacts also are emerging as a result of technological developments. This negative impact could also greatly affect the welfare of mankind. For the financial well-being in you, you can get a loan tips at a fast overnight loans.

Here are some of the negative impact of technological development:

Negative Impact of Technology

  1. Pornography

Because of Ease and development of the internet. We can find anything in the virtual world, including things that pornography. It turned out that not only adults who access the sites – pornography sites, there are also many teenagers and children – children who turned out to be a lot of access to the site – the site. Addiction to pornography is a very serious thing it can reduce human morality.

  1. The emergence of Fake Account

Fake accounts or more commonly known as anonymous of course very much encountered in cyberspace. Anonymous sometimes do things that violate the ethics of communication. Anonymous also often break Internet network system an important institution of the country. besides damaging anonymous also often give terror or threat of harm to the community.

  1. Fake IDs

False accounts are emerging in social networks such as facebook, twitter, yahoo, etc. with the aim of assortment, eg for harassing good name, taking advantage of others, damaging the domestic relations and many more actions performed by the account false detriment. Neither harm to an individual or detrimental to the public.

  1. Personal Account Hijacking

The development of technology also makes the information criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their actions, important account hijackers could have been done, such as piracy Password, ATM, Bank, etc. Personal data could also be revealed to the general public, abuses could also occur with this account hijacking,

  1. Excess Information

The information we have received so many that we can not properly filter out any information that brings positive impacts and negative impacts

  1. Game Addiction

Game is one of the technologies favored by teenagers and children. animatedly they play the game, eventually they’re addictive and increasingly dependent on the game, it could undermine the development and growth of children.

  1. Forget Will Obligations

It is undeniable that technology has made us forget our duty, both to the world and liability obligations for the afterlife, such as learning, helping the elderly, prayers and other obligations.

  1. Radiation Dangerous

Technology tools such as mobile phones, monitors, PC causing radiation and can cause health problems if they use too long without a break. Not a bit of diseases caused by radiation in excess of technological tools

  1. Incidence Gaps

For those people who know and understand about the technology, they will continue to add insights about the technology, whereas for those people who are behind in technology will be increasingly left behind, This can lead to gaps.

  1. Destruction of Original Culture

Flow technology that runs endlessly bringing new cultures and undermine native culture there. Indonesian be ruled out, and more languages in the most important: slang, etc.

  1. Loss of National Identity

Technology and information from around the world enter quickly, so that the users of the technology will gradually change their lifestyle like western people. and gradually a national identity will be lost.

  1. The emergence of Plagiarism A Work

Copy Paste is no longer a strange phenomenon in the virtual world, a lot of plagiarism-plagiarism sprung and acknowledges a work that is not his own. This can lead to a loss of respect for someone who works.

  1. Loosening strap Gathering

Humans increasingly preoccupied with work and more often struggled in front of the computer. Humans are more appreciative of time as money. It certainly can be a trigger Loosening of harmony among neighbors and other friends.

  1. The Criminal In Cyberspace

Already many criminal acts occurring in cyberspace, either overtly or covertly, for example: gambling, toggle, the illegal sale of body parts, sale of narcotics, pornography, harassment, etc.

Conclusion: A short conclusion ” The continued development of technology, we must also growing in receiving, filtering, and use it with a positive goal ”