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Complimentary digital access has been offered to you, with out a subscription, for cost-free starting these days and ending in 14 days. A 2014 Defence Department grant supports the Unmanned Systems Laboratory at the University of Texas, San Antonio, exactly where researchers have developed a system enabling a single particular person with no prior instruction to fly a number of drones simultaneously via thoughts manage. For far more info and full image captions see the ESA SciTech and Space Science Portal net releases, as effectively as the BBC News and UK Herschel outreach postings.

The retailer, located on the ground floor of the Rodney A. Erickson Meals Science Constructing on Curtin Road, is anticipated to stay closed from 5:30 p.m. on Dec. Treat your ears to this collection of stories about the future of the Wonderful Lakes region. Chemical & Engineering News hosts an eye-popping Tumblr photoblog of the most visually stunning photos in current chemistry investigation and demonstrations.

Adhere to Science Porn on Twitter Come for the ravioli stingrays, remain for what’s generally a enjoy song to the funnest, prettiest, inspiringest stuff the world’s PhDs have to provide. This is no good—as the science journal Nature points out in a recent op-ed , botany underpins the contemporary world, not only agriculture, but medicine, material science, and chemistry.” So for this Comply with Friday, let’s give plants a small adore.

As the iconic Penn State Berkey Creamery celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, its geographically dispersed buyers now have an ordering tool and fulfillment program befitting a contemporary, 21st-century retail operation. The California Academy of Sciences Twitter feed brings you all the crucial animal science news, from sperm whale necropsy updates to info on the gender split in tool-using chimps (hint: it really is the ladies). Also obtain push notification on prominent stories in the science world, creating confident you are up to date, even when you’re busy ! These articles do not necessarily represent the views of NOVA scienceNOW or WGBH.

The Sustainability Science Program celebrates its 10th birthday by welcoming back prior fellows to discuss progress in the field and the challenges ahead. Three British organizations created the Anti-UAV Defense System (Auds), which is due to be integrated in new trials by the US aviation authority. Follow him on Twitter for breaking stories and awe-inspiring photos of climate patterns—a satisfying combination of technical understanding and straight-up weather love.