Positive And Negative Impact of Technologies

We would all be proud to live in a century that has been super sophisticated as it is now. Searching for information as small or as difficult as it has been made easy this time. Technology is a means used by humans to meet their needs. Today’s, some of technology is the development of ancient technology that is often used in everyday. For example only means of communication, once communication technology using a phone is a communication tool that consists of two separate parts, that the one to hear, and which one to speak. But the phone has been progressing, and has now turned into a mobile phone, which can be taken anywhere.


Therefore, the development of technology this time that turns into technology has developed rapidly. Many technologies developed to better help people to meet their needs. So do not surprised if many scientists or experts continue to develop technologies for future technologies, such as those now being developed is a microchip. To better understand a microchip, you can visit microchip.com.

Here, I’ll show what impact can be influential in the development of technology.

Positive Impact Technology Developments Nowadays

  1. Internet as Media Liaison

It cannot be denied if the Internet is very attached to us. Since the Internet has so many functions. With the internet, we can communicate with people who are far away between us, we can exchange files, email, or connection.

  1. Ease Transactions

One of the effects that we can feel is the ease of transactions with our customers. Payment convenience, ease of delivery, to the ease of finding order. Because we can use the Internet, or make use of SMS Banking that can be utilized at any time.

  1. Ease of Finding Information

With the technology of today’s growing, we can find information very easy. We can search for job information, natural disaster information, currency exchange information, to the traffic information.

Negative Impact of Technology Development Nowadays

  1. Pornography Access

This is something which is very vulnerable in today’s technology. Because easy and free internet, it can be easier for children to find pornographic content that can be bad for our children later. Therefore, urged to the family or parents to always supervise their children.

  1. Fraud Online

It is also very prone to occur in today’s technological world. With the technology continues to evolve, criminals also use it for its own sake. They developed the technology to commit a crime which could adversely affect others. Therefore, we expected to be alert to things like this.