Science Technology & Society (2)

This animation shows results from the ECCO2-Darwin ocean carbon cycle model, which was created as component of the NASA Carbon Monitoring Technique (CMS) Flux Project. Position-sensible, it is ranked 17th in the number of citations received and 34th in the number of citations per paper across the field of science and technology (among nations publishing 50,000 or much more papers). Mr Y S Chowdary, Union Minister of State for Science & Technologies and Earth Sciences, said the ministry plans to establish an Indian Innovation Centre (IIC) and all states of the country will be its members. The organisation has received proposals from various state governments for setting up of such Science Cities.

[email protected], 27 satellites including 11 that facilitate the communication network to the country are operational, establishing India’s progress in the space technology domain. Welcome to the 3rd edition of Pan European Networks: Science & Technology, bringing together the important voices in the European scientific community and the top trends in science, investigation and innovation.

Technology , the collection of strategies, methods or processes utilized in the production of goods or solutions or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation, or any other consumer demands. National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), an autonomous organisation beneath the Union Ministry of Culture, is engaged in the establishment of Science Centres across the country. Established in 1987, the centre receives financial support from the Division of Science and Technology under the central government, and the foreign affairs ministry of France.

The Union Minister for Science & Technologies and Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan and the German Federal Minister for Education and Research Ms Johanna Wanka have signed an agreement for increased cooperation in between India and Germany in the field of science and technology. Journal of Materials Science and Technology aims to improve the international exchange of scientific activities in materials science and technology.

Britain came leading for its global contribution to science and technology, thanks to the high number of journal exports, Nobel prizes and international publications it has created. The conference will launch the UNISDR Science and Technology Partnership for the implementation of the Sendai Framework and discuss and endorse the UNISDR Science and Technology (S&T) road map.