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Stanford Graduate Students Reveal New Tech, Meal

Cool new gadgets are generating their way into our homes everyday, whether it’s due to the fact you’ve upgraded your smartphone or you purchased a smartwatch. An orthopedic surgeon has invented a cool new gadget for relieving lateral epicondylitis – typically known as tennis elbow. Some approaches Professor Fedi utilized this in his classroom is by obtaining students use Google voice typing by repeating phrases in their target language until they got them correct, and reading passages to see how nicely they are recognized by the technique when they utter words in a foreign language.

We realised final week – what technologies is missing right now is a kinky Bluetooth speaker that looks like a wrung-out dishcloth. I’m not positive I want to stroll around a mall filled with digital signage overlaying stuff I want to appear at, but these see-by way of Tv screens are a neat proof-of-idea of …