Understanding Server Computer

Functions and examples – Server computers have their own types and sorts. Generally use some famous server software such as linux, windows, novel netware, and mac os. This operating system that supports its performance. Well what is a server computer, understanding and function, we will explain below.

Server Computer

Server computer is a specially designed computer from the hardware side or from the side of the software used as a service provider for client computers in a network. Generally this computer has a very important task in computer network so this computer must have high specification either from hardware, processor speed, hardisk capacity, compared with capacity of client computer.

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Server Computer Functions

The server computer has a general function as an application and database storage located on a client or connected computer, providing security features, protecting all connected computers and providing ip address on the connected computer machine.

The server computer features that must exist, among others, a large ram memory to accommodate queries run by a connected computer, high processor speed to manage the client computer so it is very important that this main computer has a maximum speed so as to provide multitasking workmanship facilities, Owned must be very large to store all data in computer network.

Sample Server Computer

Examples of server computers based on the function of the server there are several types. First, the SSH server or secyre shen. This type of server computer is installed with a special application that is able to control and send execution commands to the server remotely. This app uses standard port 21.

Second, is the type of computer dns server or domain name system. The term dns is a server installed on the application to translate a domain name to an ip address, so you do not have to remember the ip number on the computer simply remember the domain name of the computer.

The third type of web server. This server computer is a computer equipped with a special application that is used to serve http / https requests from the client computer and sends back the requested data in html document form. Web server can be called as a computer that has a function to store files on a web page. Most web servers use port 80 to access http protocol and port 43 for https protocol access.